Program Description

Masters - Men's Over 30/35 Soccer Program

Our Masters Soccer Program includes a 7v7 fall and winter over 30 league, and an 11v11 summer over 35 league.

Indoor Program:

  • Indoor 7v7 Fees: $2535.00 Inclusive ($195 per player/13 players)
  • Fridays
  • Roster Size: 18 max
  • Location: Fields Across Durham
  • 30+ to continually add to the O35 Summer League
  • League Games 10, Playoff Games 1 (up to three)


Outdoor Program:

  • Outdoor 11v11 Fees: $3510.00 Inclusive ($195 per player/18 players)
  • Fridays
  • Roster Size: 25 max
  • Location: Dunmoore Park (Main) & Other Fields Across Durham
  • League, League Cup, & League Cup Competitions
  • League Games 10, League Cup Games 1 (up to three), Playoff Games 1 (up to three)


One way the DRSL differentiates itself from other programs is we incentivize honesty through registration. We have generous roster sizes and a team team fee system so that whenever your team is short due to vacations, weddings, work, family commitments, or other emergencies you can simply register another player. This grows the DRSL community and makes it easier for captains to manage their teams.

Aruba & Barbados

The DRSL sponsors a team each year that goes to Aruba for an open tournament in April and Barbados for a 40+ tournament in May. Many of our current DRSL players travel to these tournaments and the organizers would like more to travel with us in the future. Please contact us if you’d like to attend.

Men’s Over 35: https://drsl.ca/events/friday-over-35-mens-soccer-summer-2023-11-v-11/

Men’s Over 30: TBA

Sundays Coed Soccer League – Fall Session 2023 – 6v6

Thursdays Coed Soccer League – Fall Session 2023 – 6v6

Mondays Coed Soccer League – Fall Session 2023 – 7v7

Fridays Over 30 Soccer League – Fall Session 2023 – 6v6

Thursdays Coed Soccer League – Summer Session 2023 – 7v7

Tuesdays Coed Soccer League – Summer Session 2023 – 7v7

Friday Over 35 Men’s Soccer League – Summer 2023 – 11 v 11

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